Condivisione passaggi auto

Going to work together

with all the benefits this brings us

The idea is to find some persons who live close enough to us and in the same time work enough close to our job place, so as we can use just one car to go to job and back. Once registered (It requires only email) you can already check if someone who you can share a route to drive to your job place, after that, the system make a periodic research and when occurs a compatibility, automatically you will receive a mail alert about your possible route sharer, it's your choice to get in contact with him/her or not. The difference from other car sharing sites is that in this case is an algorithm that computes the geographical proximity and match people to each other. You can try right away, sign up.

Other kind of rideshare

occasional passing

There is still the customizing possibilities to search car one-time steps route-to-route, from city to city, international travel, etc... sign up now

fuel saving

It's a good way to save petrol, gasoline, gas, but above all an attempt to leave our children an air a little less poisonous with less CO2 emissions. This section deals of daily from home to work shifts and vice versa. A Java program computes by means of user geographic coordinate, who others users would be for geographical nearness compatible for an car lift exchange. Such: "today let's go to work with your car, tomorrow with that mine, after tomorrow with that his". The application does nothing but what create relationships, or links if you prefer among people with common goals. The human relationship and the net as well are based on this paradigm: see graph theory or network theory. it is then up to you to decide if use them or not. Of course this system to be able to work, it need some that can be defined: "critical mass", practically a quantity of users which makes the chances of finding someone, who suits close enough to your home and at the same time he works close enough to your job place high enough. this means more registrations = more probability to find a lift by car. Sign up to find persons to share a route

everything that follows below does not require a registration just enter the announcement

In case you need a passage for holidays or to reach another city that could be just once one way or roundtrip, then it's up to users to decide if get paid or split expenses.
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